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Section One: those who have used both of Faythe’s services: D.J. and Dance.


Section Two: those who have used Faythe’s Dance Instruction Service.


Section Three: those who have used Faythe’s D.J. Service.



 “Here’s the Buzz – Here’s the Scoop!”



D.J. and Dance Services

Dave & Annette Tolander

“My husband and I started taking dance classes from Faythe about 6 years ago.

Knowing I had two left feet and zero rhythm, I bugged my husband for 25 years to take lessons until he finally gave in.  To his surprise he has had as much fun as I have.  We have learned a lot and have had fun times at both her lessons and dances.  Having attended plenty of weddings where the DJ’s played music that left dance floors empty or where the young crowd just stood, swayed and drank, we knew we didn’t want that when our daughters were to marry.  We hired Faythe to DJ our daughter’s wedding.   She did an excellent job.  We couldn’t have been more pleased.  She tended to our daughter and future son-in-law’s requests and advised us with her expertise.  The dance floor was full all night and there was music for everyone.  She played the type of tunes that encouraged both the young and old to hit the dance floor.  Nobody wanted the night to end.  In fact, the staff at the Pipac Event Center told us they couldn’t remember a more fun wedding in the last 5 years.  When midnight arrived and we had to vacate the facility, some of our kid’s guests even tried to pay Faythe to stay longer! Whether you want to learn to dance or are planning an event, you won’t be disappointed with Faythe. 

She is knowledgeable and experienced in all areas.”

Lyle & Diane Noelting

“We started taking dance lessons from Faythe when she worked at the Arthur Murray Studio in the 70’s.

We followed her when she started her own business. We have stayed with her “off and on” over the years as we raised our children.  She was the DJ at a daughter’s wedding, and the dance floor stayed full all night! Everyone had a great time. She sees what kinds of music is bringing the people out to dance, and goes from there. She has every kind of music possible, so she takes requests. The people, we have sent to her for lessons, are amazed how well they can dance. She seems to know “everything” about music and dancing! She always keeps learning everything “new”, so she can teach it. That is why she is such a GREAT teacher! Thank you for all the wonderful years of learning and your friendship!

You always try to make everyone feel comfortable and happy with your positive and energetic personality.” 

Jon & Kathy

“Faythe is a great dance instructor. We have had a lot of fun at her classes. Also we are excited to have her as our DJ in our wedding.

Thank you Faythe for all that you do!!!!”

Lauren McMullen

“Faythe was the DJ at my wedding reception and she was wonderful! 

She played the songs I asked for and kindly left out the ones I didn’t like.  She kept the guests entertained and the music coming!  I have never taken a dance lesson from her but my parents have for a very long time and I can see her expertise come out in their dancing.  I would recommend her to any couple looking for a DJ or dance instructor.  She is professional but doesn’t hold back on the fun!!!

Thanks Faythe!”

Erin & Chad Burton

“We used Faythe as the DJ for our wedding reception and she kept everyone very entertained! 

Her energy is contagious and she knows how to keep a crowd going.  She was flexible with the music selections and really accommodated what we wanted and more specifically what we did not want played at the reception. I have also enjoyed watching my parents take lessons from Faythe for years… they helped my husband and I learn to dance and her expertise had everything to do with that. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a DJ or dance lessons. 

Thank you Faythe!”

Marcia & Darrell Miller

“My husband and I have taken dance lessons with Faythe for over 15 years.

I can honestly say that it has been one of the highlights in our active lives. Faythe is a very gracious teacher whose ability to work with people of all ages, all levels of talents, and all types personalities makes her classes informative and extremely enjoyable. She is very patient and can reach even the most reluctant learner. We have also had Faythe DJ at our two daughters’ weddings. Again, the entertainment was superb and we received many compliments for her services. 

I would highly recommend Faythe as a teacher and as a DJ.”

Joe Rosa & Sandy Vogel

“Hi Faythe,

Sandy and I enjoy your dances very much and we are excited that you are the DJ at our wedding.

You are a terrific lady, an excellent dance instructor, but most of all, our friend.”

Bob & Lori Pasker

“It was a beautiful couple, a beautiful wedding and a wonderful day. 
Having Faythe for a DJ was icing on the cake.  Faythe is no ordinary DJ who just takes requests and plays music.  Faythe comes well prepared and caters to the bridal couple’s special requests. She does an awesome job of drawing the guests in for all the special moments:  arrival of the wedding party, cutting the cake, toasts and that special first dance. The dance floor was full all evening.  The little ones entertained the guests with their rendition of “Frozen”. They danced until they had nothing left and the older guests were ready to take the floor.  Faythe knows how to read a crowd and played sets that pulled even the most reluctant dancers onto the floor. Faythe’s love of dance is contagious, her smile ever ready and her energy unsurpassed.  This is second wedding in our family that Faythe has been the DJ.  Both weddings were made even better by her professionalism and excellent skills. For those of you too shy to get on the dance floor we highly recommend dance classes with Faythe.  Our class says “she leaves no dancer left behind”!   She has truly been able to take us from people unsure of the left foot from the right foot into dancers who embrace her love of dance. Doctors say that those who dance at least two hours a week have a 76% less chance of getting dementia.  It is never too late to get involved!
Check out Faythe’s classes and dances in Atkins, Waterloo and Marshalltown.”

Dance Instruction

Dick & Sue Blough (aka Fred and Ginger)

“I am happily writing our recommendation of Faythe Kubik and her skills as a dance instructor.

But first, I think I should tell you a little about me and my husband.  Neither of us have ever danced in our lives.  We are probably two of the stiffest, non-rhythmic people on the planet.  But we had a problem–our son was getting married and we needed to do an obligatory dance at his wedding reception.  (What parents won’t do for their child.)  I called Faythe up, little expecting more than not trampling each other while the DJ played ‘Unforgettable.’  Anyway, it is hardly less than a miracle of God, but we actually danced at our son’s wedding.  More of that later. We started out in Faythe’s “Dance the Nite Away” class.  We enjoyed it, so we took Faythe’s Beginning Swing class.  While we’ll never be Fred and Ginger, we were having fun and were learning to move to the music.  (Faythe is very supportive and doesn’t make anyone feel like they have two left feet.)  Also, our son and his fiancé decided to take a couple of private dance lessons from Faythe.  At the reception Josh and Rachel were so elegant and beautiful as they danced their first dance together as husband and wife.  The DJ at the dance said that was the best first dance he had ever seen.  It truly was gorgeous.  And what about me and “Fred?”  We actually got applause when we danced!  No one is more surprised than we are at being able to dance.  So, really, what are you waiting for?? 

Faythe will have you dancing in no time!”

Bruce & Lorrie

“Join any time you want a DATE NIGHT with your spouse where you can flirt and enjoy each other while learning.

Faythe is teaching me (Lorrie) to stop leading, and my husband to lead, move, and follow the beat.  No small undertaking (Miraculous, actually) and we have way too much fun while we do it!  Her dance classes are energetic, fun, easy for beginners or advanced, and she ALWAYS has a positive thing to say.  We have progressed from standing and swaying to the music to actually moving around the dance floor with turns or dips!  Great Fun!! 

We’ll be back!”

Tom & Ruth Peterson

“We have thoroughly enjoyed learning from Faythe’s dance instruction for the past several years. The bonus is that we also get to enjoy the dances that Faythe brings to the local area as well.

If you’re interested in learning new steps or improving your dance style, we highly recommend Faythe Kubik!”

Tif & Brian

“Hey Faythe, Brian and I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your dance lessons that we took.

We learned so much and can’t wait until I recover from this knee injury/surgery so we can put all those lessons to good use. We also look forward to a speedy recovery so we can start lessons up again next fall. Can’t wait to be able to dance again. You are a great teacher! Tell the Thursday night 8:00 class “Hi” from us. We miss them and the fun we had together!


Tasha & Justin

“When Justin and I got engaged my parents decided to take dance classes from Faythe and they invited us to go along.

Justin was a little leery about the thought of “dance classes” but to echo the testimonials above, Faythe couldn’t be a better instructor for people who think they can’t dance.  She is extremely patient and kind and is just a really fun person to be around. Not only did the four of us learn how to dance, but we had fun doing it! Justin and I got married last month and our first dance was a major hit! All of our friends and family were shocked and impressed with our grand opening to the dance and all of the spins and dips! We couldn’t have done it without Faythe!

We would recommend Faythe to anyone who wants to dance!”

Debbie & Doug Allemang

“My husband and I took dance lessons from Faythe, both group and private. 

She was attentive to our needs–which were plenty, supportive and enthusiastic.  She modeled the steps for us and stopped and helped us individually when we had difficulty.  Faythe gave us lists of songs to practice dancing to and good ones to play at our daughter’s wedding. 

We thoroughly enjoyed learning to dance under Faythe’s guidance and plan to take more lessons to broaden our repertoire.”

Tom & Julia Romanin

“Faythe is great!!

We tell people that she can teach a tree to dance….and have fun with it! We began taking lessons as singles, for which Faythe found us each partners.  Our friendship developed over time such that Faythe ended up being the DJ at our wedding! She is sensitive to our needs in lessons and was a perfect DJ (entertain the crowd, entice people to dance, and handle the other duties required to keep the party rolling!) Faythe offers dances on a regular basis and she is very encouraging to beginners and experienced dancers alike.  She is respectful of all of her students and does not ever make anyone feel like they “can’t do it”.  Her “You can do this” attitude is contagious and she tailors her lessons to the student so that everyone learns! We highly recommend her.

We are so confident in her ability that we have purchased private lessons for two young couples that are preparing for their wedding dance, and they both have loved her.”

Mark & Carole Melrose

“For a guy who always wants to put his best foot forward (my right), I’ll have to say Faythe did a wonderful job of helping my wife and I with our clumsy dancing skills and finally got me to LEAD WITH MY LEFT! 19 years ago I gave my wife a gift of dance lessons which we never took advantage of. I’m glad we waited and had Faythe as our instructor. We had a great time and would encourage anyone, regardless of age or skill, to get into one of her lessons.

Faythe made it FUN! Thanks.”

Kayla Reese

“Dearest Faythe,

Thank you, thank you, thank you…Our daughter was married this last weekend in Minneapolis and it was “PERFECT” from start to finish.  Barry and I had SOOOOOOOO much fun at the reception!  It was wonderful to be able to get out on the floor and “DANCE!!!”  I think you would have been proud. Friends of ours (Dennis and Marilyn Evans) said…”Let’s get out there and dance.  We are Faythe graduates!”  And dance we did! Thank you for instilling the confidence.  One person said….”I did not realize Barry was so light on his feet.  Where did you learn to dance?” I did not hesitate to give you credit for your wonderful guidance and FUN classes. You are awesome!  I am so happy we had you as our dance instructor!

Look forward to seeing you at upcoming dances.”

Peg & Tony Luetkehans

“As a couple, we are excited to recommend Faythe Kubik to anyone interested in exploring the adventure of dance to add another dimension to their life experience!

Her energy and teaching style perfectly translates to an overall wonderful time learning new things together. We signed up to take dance classes with Faythe and totally enjoyed every minute of it!  Faythe made learning new material just about as easy as learning the abc’s! (And if I remember kindergarten right, equally as fun!!)

Thank you Faythe for the gifts you share and the great value your classes offer!”

D.J. Services

Kim & Katherine Brokaw

“If you are looking for someone that has all the music for all the ages, Faythe is the person you are looking for. 

Last year we had Faythe DJ our 13 year old son’s birthday party with about 30 of his friends over and they had the time of their lives.  I asked my son, Jack, how he rated the party from a 1 to a 10 and he said it was an 11 with the biggest smile on his face.  Faythe had every single song that was requested by the group and they all had a blast and danced all night!!!!  So this year we did it again for his 14th birthday and it was a huge success again.  We have decided to make it an annual party.  Faythe also was the DJ for one of our best friend’s wedding this October.  We were throwing the reception for her and of course hired Faythe.  I had never put together a wedding reception and my friend who was getting married was about as clueless as I was.  Thank goodness for Faythe!! At the reception, she led us through everything, introductions, cutting of the cake, welcoming everyone and toasts.  It all ran very smoothly and again, every one of all ages from 3 to 90 were all out on the dance floor having the best time.  With Faythe being the DJ, nobody leaves the party early.  I would recommend Faythe to anyone that is having a party that would like to have music for any age group.

Thanks Faythe for always helping us out and doing a top-notch job.  By far, you are the best!” 

Sandy & Jerry

“We were privileged to have Faythe host/DJ our wedding reception. 

It was great fun, and Faythe’s enthusiasm was contagious. The guests were coached through rumbas to waltzes to a line dance or two, and everything in between.  Everyone was smiling and really enjoying themselves and having fun!  After the wedding reception, WE RECEIVED THANK YOU NOTES FROM SEVERAL OF OUR GUESTS, stating they had never been to such an entertaining wedding reception!  Needless to say, we were thrilled that she was part of our special day.  We couldn’t have asked for anything better. 

Thanks again for your part in our wonderful day!”

Karol Hoffman

“When our committee was planning the “Red Hat Convention” which was held in Cedar Rapids, we decided to have a dance on one of the nights. 

Faythe Kubik immediately jumped out in my mind since my husband and I had taken dancing lessons from her years ago.  I found her to still be that energetic lady who knows her music as well as dancing. To my surprise she was able to get the ladies out on the dance floor teaching them various dances, even the older ones. She was able to get great participation from the ladies.  All the ladies commented on the fun and fantastic evening which went by too fast. Thanks to Faythe who made the evening a great success. She comes highly recommended by all of us. 

Thanks, Faythe, for a job well done.”

Dany & Elana

“My husband and I were married in Iowa City and Faythe was our DJ.

Not only did she do an AWESOME job introducing our wedding party and parents, but she also made it really fun!  Every single song during the night had people dancing, and trust me, I was worried before the wedding that our dance floor would be bare! It was just the opposite.

We would strongly recommend Faythe for any event!”

Kody & Amber Zeltinger

“Kody and I had Faythe Kubik as our DJ.

I have to say that not only was she a shining star on the stage mixing up great music and getting everyone to dance, she really knew the audience and went with the flow! It was amazing seeing my Dad and his future wife Roxie swinging around the floor like they’ve been dancing all their lives. (I’ve never seen my dad dance) And my nieces and the flower girls and everyone just seemed to be having a great time! Even though the weather was TERRIBLE (there had been a Huge BLIZZARD that day) I felt confident in knowing that she was able to make it there! I hope she had a wonderful time too! We couldn’t have asked for or designed a better DJ. She really had a great intuition of the crowd and pleased everyone there, including my family that flew in from Germany! If I could show you pictures I would! We had such a wonderful time and the selection she had was incredible. Fast, slow, hiphop, rock, oldies, polka, anything! She really was a great person to work with and I’ve been recommending her services to anyone getting married! We had to cut our reception short though due to the weather for the safety of our guests but for the short time we were there dancing was one of the best things we had done as a married couple.

I highly recommend Faythe Kubik for DJing your next social event!”

Diane Lehtinen

“Faythe, you have done it again. 

My whole staff was impressed with your services at our Christmas party.  Your respect of the group is exemplary.  Most DJ’s, and I have played for many weddings, talk too much and don’t involve the group.  Your dance instruction was great and your interaction with my staff was appreciated.  You certainly know how to read your crowd.  I highly recommend your services to any group function or wedding reception.  People still talk about my daughter’s wedding dance 7 years ago.  The energy you bring and the love of what you do is immediately noticed. 

My son will be getting married, and we can’t wait to have another Faythe Kubik wedding dance.” (Iowa EyeCare, Marion, Iowa)

Anne & Scott Johnson

“Faythe, I just want to tell you once again that all who joined us had a wonderful time at our parish’s Celebration of Marriage Dinner & Dance in February.

We had such a great mix of people and your enthusiasm and encouragement got most everyone out on the dance floor. Many people commented on the relaxed fun and great music that you provided along with the easy-to-follow lessons. People were buzzing for weeks. We look forward to enjoying Faythe Kubik Productions at next year’s event!

Thanks, Faythe!” (St. Pius X)

Barb & Larry Michaelsen

“Faythe was the D.J. for our daughter and son-law’s wedding.

Faythe did a great job on having a variety of music that everyone wanted to dance to.  She took time with Becky and Eric to choose songs that they wanted and recommended those that most like at their weddings.  Faythe does a professional job and knows how to get people involved and on the dance floor.  We were very pleased on the outcome and would highly recommend her. 

Thanks for making it a perfect day for us.”

Matt & Anne Cook

“Faythe was kind enough to step in, and provide music for my wedding when we were scrambling to find music.

Prior to our wedding we had been to several receptions where people stand around awkwardly and nobody is dancing. We were THRILLED when we saw all our friends and family on the dance floor, and we have received several compliments about how FUN the wedding was. The music was a perfect mix for dinner and dancing and did not cause our conversations to lull, but ensured everyone was having fun. The best part was seeing that our dance floor never was missing somebody kicking up their heels. Most beneficial was the communication we had with Faythe prior to the date.  She was able to ensure that we would be comfortable with everything she was able to control. We were treated with utmost respect, and I have already started telling people to book Faythe early if you want to have a party that really kicks!!

Thanks Faythe, you are wonderful.”

Neil & Sarah

“We decided to have Faythe play at our wedding and what a GREAT DECISION! 

Neil’s grandma (93 yrs old) stayed the ENTIRE night! Oh, and that was just one of the many, many people she had out rocking the dance floor! She taught a few dances during the night, which caught the interest of pretty much EVERYBODY!  My brother, (who I have never seen dance before in my life) was on the dance floor more than once.  It was definitely our best decision to hire Faythe. We had a ton of compliments on Faythe’s choice of music and she definitely pleased the entire crowd, young and old!  Her excitement and interaction with the crowd makes her a TRUE PROFESSIONAL at everything she does!

Thanks Faythe!!”

Brian & Anne

“Faythe was the DJ for our daughter’s wedding.

She did an awesome job playing music that our daughter Sara, her husband Tyler, and their friends liked, as well as playing good dance songs for us and our friends.

It was a wonderful evening with Faythe’s help.” 

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